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Alegzander Piotrowsky


Alegzander Piotrowsky

Alegzander Piotrowsky 15 years old music producer and sound designer. He graduated from the Primary Music School in Gdańsk in the piano class. Inspired by the work of Pro8l3m, he made several remixes of their tracks. This took him to Steez’s studio, who appreciated his talent and enthusiasm, inviting him to cooperate on several music productions, including: the LXS project or the latest PRO8L3M album. The young producer was also noticed by Tomasz Makowiecki, which resulted in cooperation on remixes of the songs „Bardziej niż zwykle” and „Nie ma nas” from the artist’s latest album.

Alegzander’s eclectic style oscillates around the music genres like Synthwave, Future, Dark Trap, House and Techno. In live sets he incorporates elements of finger drumming. The artist has already released 3 EP’s „Young Blood”, „Feelings” and „Choose Life”.

Coproduction for PRO8L3M – PROXL3M „Yokohama”, „Każdy tylko nie ja”, „Miyabi”, „Otchłań”

Coproduction for LXS – Anima „MIŁO-MIŁO-MIŁOŚĆ”, „ICOTYNATO”

Remix:  PRO8L3M „V8”, „Jakby świat kończył się”, „Makijaż”, „Skrable” and Tomasz Makowiecki „Bardziej niż zwykle”, „Nie ma nas”

Live: Stocznia Gdańska 2020, Klub Ziemia / Gdańsk 2021

Half Price, CCC, Modivo, Reebok, Epuzer, Diverse
Problem, LXS, Tomasz Makowiecki x Kasia Nosowska
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