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3D Graphics by Eternal Engine

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3D Graphics by Eternal Engine

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Eternal Engine

Eternal Engine – the artistic duo of Jagoda Wójtowicz and Marta Nawrot / Marta Nawrot and Jagoda Wójtowicz. Digital witches, cyber fairies of techno-culture, internet post art and new media artists, moving fluently into the glitch, post-internet and cyber-feminist discourse. Designers of 2 and 3D graphics, creators of virtual reality – VR, augmented reality applications – AR, art – video, experimental forms of expression on the basis of inter-media art, music videos, spots and other forms in the digital medium. A duo operating in an intermediate space in an artistic and commercial platform and in the space between – trying to combine artistic qualities with what we meet in our everyday environment.

Duo tries to incorporate art into the layers of everyday life – deepening the space of imagination, broadening our thinking, surprising and educating along with the visual vision.

The duo’s artistic activity oscillates between the platform of speculative theories of evolution, the life of biomorphic formations, among others, of eukaryotes and insects and their counterparts in digitized form (varieties of bots and nanobots and their imaginary evolutions).

“Transfer of the collective mind, return to the collective consciousness through interaction with the immortal and extremely reactive clouds of points on the virtual horizon of possibilities unlimited in matter – this image could constitute a visual manifesto of the artists. Active on the real platform as cyber-feminists, they organize meetings and workshops on creating their own virtual spaces, with pleasure thus spreading access to the fruits of techno-culture”

Eternal Engine are the winners of the first place in the country at Interference Fest 2019 as vj’s. Their VR installation art work “Aporia” in the form of an installation represented the Polish pavilion at the international Quadriennal in Prague in 2019. Art duo are also the creators and producers of many music video clips for Baasch, Mala Herba, FOQL, Oramics collective, art video, experimental forms realized in the medium of the 3 D animation, and art video installations presented, among others, in the museum of modern art in Warsaw: Inflammation Theory.

Duo is also kind of fighters of Open Source and Free Learning. Eternal Engine are also active members of the underground platform; they regularly organize workshops on the use of free software such as, for example, the unity game development engine.

Eternal Engine are the co-founders of the Pussymantra collective acting on the ritual sound performance platform and the independent Cyberpussy zine publishing house, which publishes zines on cyber-feminist and xeno-feminist themes proactive access to Open Source and techno-culture tools creatively influencing our reality.

Adidas, Baasch, Mala Herba, Foql, TR Warsaw, Contemporary Art Museum Warsaw, Nowy Theatre, Piktogram Gallery, Nośna Gallery, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Arsenał Gallery
Theatre Directors
Grzegorz Jarzyna, Jędrzej Piaskowski, Krzysztof Garbaczewski, Dream Adoption Society, Oskar Sadowski
Music Video & VJing
Mala Herba, Foql, Baasch, Interference Fest 2019 - The winner in VJ Battle
Virtual Revolution - VR Chat / Oskar Sadowski, Inflammatory States Theory - Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Body Open Source VR - Theatre Powszechny, NotFound: Structure of Virtual Freedom - TR Warsaw, AI: The Home Hallucination Handbook - Nowy Theatre, Sunrise 2000009 - Nosna Gallery Krakow, AfterLife - Pictogram Gallery, Dream of Herma VR performance - Arsenal Gallery Białystok, The Cave VR - LaMama Theatre New York
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