Commercial for Vitkac with styling by Ewelona


Commercial for Vitkac with styling by Ewelona

Vitkac x Vetements

Editorial with styling by Ewelona


Cover story for Newonce with styling by Ewelona


Commercial for Vitkac with styling by Ewelona

Vitkac x Balenciaga

Commercial for Prosto with styling by Ewelona


Editorial for Numero Russia styled by Ewelona


Editorial for Les Femmes Publiques with styling by Ewelona

Les Femmes Publiques

Commercial for Vitkac with styling by Ewelona


Editorial for Lewis Magazine with styling by Ewelona

Lewis Magazine

Personal project styled by Ewelona



Ewelona is a Stylist, Fashion Designer and Art Director. She works and lives in Warsaw.

In 2019, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the field of Fashion Design with the diploma collection 'Information for people from all around the world’, which was awarded at the exhibition COMING OUT – The Best Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts and 'No Love’ at the Academy Salon. Her designs are used in music videos, performances and concerts. Ewelona is the creator of fashionable scarves ‘Ewelona’ which are very popular in the fashion industry in Warsaw. 

Ewelona draws inspiration for styling mainly from herself and the environment. She watches people dress on the street, she loves strange combinations of styles and exploring beyond the comfort zone. She is constantly looking for new solutions and interesting and unexpected ways of styling. She combines high fashion and streetwear. Ewelona’s style reflects her personality, through which she wants to convey something and manifest. She likes contrasting patterns and colours, the style of Dennis Rodman. 

She loves the works of Matty Bovan, Gerit Jacob, Blumarine, Brithani Phatal and the photographer Carlijn Jacobs.

Prosto, Vitkac, Newonce, Numero, Lewis Magazine, Kidä, Yulia, Reserved, Allegro
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