New Wave Photography & Influencer

Jakub Owczarek

Project with Dominik Zwyrtek photographed by Jakub Owczarek


Portrait editorial for Holly Spells with photography & 3D by Jakub Owczarek

Holly Spells

Jakub Owczarek influencer for Reserved


Commercial for Samsung photographed by Jakub Owczarek


Editorial for Vogue Poland photographed by Jakub Wieczorek

Vogue Poland

Project with Jeremy Scott shoes photographed by Jakub Owczarek

Jeremy Scott

Project with Dominik Zwyrtek photographed by Jakub Owczarek

Shirts x Zwyrtek

3D Graphics by Jakub Owczarek

3D Graphics

Mix photographs for Musicians by Jakub Owczarek


Editorial Nina Inga Jess photographed by Jakub Wieczorek

Nina Inga Jess

Commercial for Aint Clothing photographed by Jakub Owczarek

Aint Clothing

Commercial for Local Heroes photographed by Jakub Owczarek

Local Heroes

Commercial for Cat photographed by Jakub Owczarek


Commercial for Doom3k photographed by Jakub Owczarek


Commercial for 2005 Global photographed by Jakub Owczarek

2005 Global

Commercial for photographed by Jakub Owczarek

Commercial for Hermetic Square photographed by Jakub Owczarek

Hermetic Square

Jakub Owczarek

Jakub Owczarek, a new wave multidisciplinary artist: Photographer implementing in his work 3D graphics, Art Director and Influencer. 

Born and raised in Gdansk, where he studied industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts. Now he works and lives in Warsaw. 

Jakub is inspired by Karim Rashid, and his approach to design with expressive colours, shapes and textures. He loves the work of Jeremy Scott, Kenny Sharf, Kerwin Frost, Jeff Koons and many more nonconforming artists with the uncompromising approach to life.

Jakub sees potential in all kinds of collaborations, both with artists and commercial brands. The effects of such cooperation are very captivating, inspiring and often unconventional.

Samsung, Reserved, Newonce, Pop Town, Vogue, Local Heroes, Vogue, Doom3k, Margaret, Samsung, Levis, Cat, Dr. Martens, CCC, Sofix, Worldbox, Urbancity, Pufy, Hermetic Square, 2005, Aint, Sick Mind, Zwykle Zycie
Dawid Podsiadło, Tymek, Magiera, Margaret, Kacperczyk, Coals, Jacuś, Zibex, Holak, Rosalie, Ten Typ Mes
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