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Marcin Kitty Kosakowski


3D graphics for Serafin Andrzejak by Marcin Kitty Kosakowski

Serafin Andrzejak

3D graphics by Marcin Kitty Kosakowski

Fit In

3D graphics by Marcin Kitty Kosakowski

Shoe Bag

3D graphics for Ys.ys.ys


Marcin Kitty Kosakowski

3D graphic and visual artist – A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Department of Fabric and Clothing Design. During his education, he worked in two ways, combining clothing design with new media such as AR, 3D and VR design. From high school, Marcin Kitty became fascinated with the works of Nick Knight and experimental fashion films. He currently lives in Warsaw.

Marcin Kitty creates visualisations for concerts, including Taco Hemingway, Quebonafide, as well as 3D campaigns. At the same time, he functions as an avatar on social media. Virtual Kitty is very muscular, but his appearance does not prevent him from playing with the usual pattern of masculinity. 

In his works, Marcin Kitty plays with conventions, balancing on the verge of kitsch, deconstructing traditional images of men and male ideals of beauty.

Mark Fast, Brodka, Quebonafide, Taco Hemingway, Dress X
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