Michał Grzeszczakowski


Michał Grzeszczakowski

A filmmaker: Dir & Dop, based in Warsaw (born in Łódź). Working as an editor and Dop mainly in the fashion and commercial industry for the last 10 years. Now focused on directing. Inspired by light and colour. Fascinated by street art, music videos and pop culture. Loves to melt visual storytelling techniques with music, sound design, motion design and experiment to create a new visual narrative content.

Reserved, CCC, Gino Rossi, Jenny Fairy, Sprandi, House, Sizeer, 50style, Magda Butrym, Vistula, Levi's, AA, Muscat, L'Offciel Malaysia, Paradyż x Gosia Baczyńska, Living Paprocki & Brzozowski
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